Global Safety Database

What is the Global Safety Database?

The Global Safety Database (GSD) is a one of its kind platform to gain up-to-date insights into existing real-world traffic accident statistics and databases worldwide for research and development of future vehicle and road traffic safety systems.

Road traffic accidents remain to be a leading cause of death worldwide with nearly 1.3 million fatalities each year (WHO Report 2018). To develop safety systems according to real-world challenges, harmonized information is needed.

Therefore, vehicle and road traffic safety experts are constantly looking for real-world data sources to tackle/answer the open challenges and ultimately to reach “Vision Zero”. However, it is not always obvious which data source is suitable for which type of research question or development approach, as there is currently no harmonized overview of real-world traffic accident data sources nor an objective evaluation available. To our knowledge, the GSD is the first application to enable its users to efficiently identify suitable databases for specific research questions worldwide.

From a global perspective, the GSD one essential tool to push the worldwide harmonisation of traffic accident statistics and databases. Knowing what really happens on the roads by putting together everything we know empowers the data-driven development of safety systems and thus brings us one step closer to (fulfil the mission of road and vehicle safety: reaching the) Vision Zero – a road system without casualties.