Global Safety Database

What are the benefits of the Global Safety Database?

There are multiple benefits when joining the Global Safety Database.

First, the Global Safety Database offers access to a one of its kind up-to-date worldwide collection of road traffic accident statistics and database on a meta-data level. Every authorized user has "read&write" rights to all data sources and research questions in the GSD.

Second, the Global Safety Database offers the objective assessment of data sources through the matching with research questions. These can be research questions which are accessible to all Global Safety Database users. Yet, the tool also offers to use the matching algorithm for private research questions as well, which can only be viewed by the respective user. The result of the matching indicates to what percentage the assessed data sources cover the required variables for answering the selected research question.

Third, the Global Safety Database offers a network for research knowledge sharing, as it is open for anyone interested in road traffic safety. For example, the Steering Committee consists of leading international experts for road traffic accident investigation and analysis with multiple/extensive years of professional experience. This Steering Committee reviews the changes committed by the users for both the data sources and research questions to ensure high data quality. Each user can actively contribute to the content and quality of the GSD according to his/her expertise.

Fourth, the Global Safety Database offers a platform to make workflows more efficient and to bring forward the worldwide harmonisation of road traffic accident investigations / statistics / databases.